Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Setting up the *new* classroom

We have several new teachers coming to our school this year, due to a school closing nearby. So ... I moved classrooms. Since I've been teaching summer school, I have been able to unpack, organize, arrange, and rearrange.  Here's what it looks like so far.

I found magnetic hooks in the spring and they are perfect for hanging my sight word cards on and placing on the air conditioner! I need to get some more for my sight word phrases!

Tubs of books and a "friend" to read to! Along with our 3 school wide rules.

Inside my closet. Most classrooms in our building have a closet. This will be my first year to share a closet - to the left of this first picture is my teaching partner's space! 

This is also inside my closet - across from the counter in the above picture. I'm trying to take advantage of every inch of space since I will have 25 desks in my classroom!

One of my favorite ideas is to tape my crafts to the inside of the cabinet doors. They stay there neatly so I don't lose them from year to year.

Another one of my crafts, along with a peek into one of the cabinets with books.

I still have 17 days until returning for our first professional development day! Hope you have longer than I!

Monday, May 4, 2015

What we've been up to (with a new freebie!)

I can't believe it ... we have 14 more school days! Since we have already administered our end of the year reading and math assessments (and today I finished PALS!), we are reviewing.
Administering PALS tests
I decided to purchase Bubble Gum Math Timed Addition Tests by Fluttering Through First Grade (from their TpT store) to work on fact fluency. My first graders have completely embraced it!
Addition Math Facts Timed Tests- Bubble Gum Math
I changed some of the elements to make it work in my classroom. I used these file folders I already had and found large library pockets at my nearby teacher supply store. The children keep their completed quizzes in the pocket. As they master a quiz (with 100%), they get a "bubble gum" sticker, labeled with that quiz to place in their gumball machine. 

 After I check their quiz, I grab the next quiz from my box and place it on the top of their stack and slide everything back into the pocket. I'm amazed how my struggling children are embracing this and so excited about math!
In case you can't find large library pockets nearby, click here chevron large library pockets to see these pockets.

I just opened a Teacher's Notebook store!
My Bug Punctuation Write the Room is a freebie there! There are 12 sentence cards, along with a recording page, to mark the correct punctuation mark.

Happy Monday!

Friday, March 6, 2015

VA is for Book Lovers

VA is for Book Lovers!

I am thrilled to be joining my fellow Virginia bloggers for a blog hop that embraces our love of reading! Each of us is happy to share a book and resource that we LOVE to use in the classroom for this very special hop. Not only that, but you'll find a book giveaway on each page of the hop, with a super huge giveaway at the end!

My love for reading comes naturally.  I remember sitting especially with my mom and grandma and a pile of books.  Summers meant endless trips to the library to explore and be involved in the various activities.  

As a teacher, I have a sickness ... a book purchasing sickness, that is.  I cannot leave Barnes & Noble empty-handed!  My bookshelves are stuffed full of books ... some I allow my students to touch and others are hands off!

I LOVE the "Old Lady" books that accompany the different holidays.  With St. Patrick's Day coming, I wanted to share There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Clover!, by Lucille Colandro.  Her books are perfect for story recall and sequencing, as it repeats throughout the book.

This blog hop is special because each of us on the hop are giving our readers a freebie to accompany her book choice, along with a chance to win a copy of that book!  Click here to grab a freebie for my book.
Click here to enter to win a copy of There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Clover!
To celebrate our love of reading, Virginia bloggers have also put together an additional mega-giveaway. One lucky winner will win ALL of the books (that's 19 wonderful books) in our hop! Each blogger will send you the book they've talked about. Imagine receiving 19 wonderful books for free on your doorstep and sharing them with your lovely students! Be sure to finish the hop to have a chance to win all of the books!
Tales From a Naturalista Teacha
Click here to visit Karmen at Tales from a Naturalista Teacha.  She is featuring one of my favorite books for elementary students!

Thanks for stopping by!  The winner will be announced on Monday for the book!

Sunday, March 1, 2015

The Sunday Scoop! {March 1}

I am linking up with the ladies at Teaching Trio for my Sunday Scoop!

Here it is!

Stay tuned for a blog hop later in the week!

Happy Sunday!

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

It's Penguin Time!

Happy Wednesday!

My fellow VA blogger and friend, Carla, from Comprehension Connection, has a linky on Thursdays to focus on sharing ideas for different themes.  This week's theme ... penguins and Arctic animals!

I LOVE our penguin unit each winter!  Here's the link to my penguin post from last year.  

I found these adorable stuffed animals to bring in for penguins and polar bears.  The kids loved having them!
Here's a fun things for your penguin unit.
"Cool Compound Penguins" freebie - a fun craftivity for compound words!
Cool Compound Penguins
And here's my Penguin Pals task card packet.  It includes 6 math centers perfect for first graders!  It's in the giveaway on Carla's blog, so be sure to check it out!
Penguin Pals: 1st Grade Math Centers

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Spelling Homework

What kind of homework assignments do you give your children?  Especially with younger students?  Our reading curriculum, SuperKids, has high expectations for primary learners.  When we started the curriculum a year and a half ago, our first graders were not successful on the spelling tests.  The tests included 5 or 6 memory (sight) words and 4-6 spelling pattern words.  The only assignments and practice were from the book we completed together in class.  We knew that since the group did not have SuperKids in kindergarten, they were a bit "behind" in the requirements of the curriculum.  So I worked like crazy all year to create assignments for the children to complete at home to practice the memory words and understanding the pattern words.

The first semester homework packet included 4-5 printables, along with a reading activity to practice with mom or dad to read the pattern words.

The second semester homework is a tic-tac-toe board.  The child chooses 3 in a row and is to complete the assignments and return to school.

A bit of a rabbit trail ... this fall my husband and I became foster parents to 2 girls.  Sorry, can't resist not sharing a pic of us from our Christmas trip to Indianapolis!
Back on track ... the younger one is in first grade.  Well, let me tell you, it's very strange getting my homework assignments in her Monday Folder each week!  We are finishing the first unit in the second semester this week and this has been happening at our dining room table the past few nights!

I am giving you two of my tic-tac-toe boards.  Just attach the words to the board and send it home!  Click HERE or on the images below to download.

We have a two hour delay for tomorrow, as ice is expected overnight, so we are staying up a little later to watch a movie!  Have a great week!

Classroom Freebies Manic Monday

Thursday, November 20, 2014

All Things Geometry

We are finishing up our geometry unit this week.  This is one of my favorite units to teach in math because it is so hands on!  Here's a look into some of our work.

One of our centers had containers of shapes.  The kiddos had the chance to play and see what they could create using the shapes.
 This is one of my favorite printables to use in centers for Thanksgiving.  It works out perfectly that we are doing our geometry unit at the same time!  This is a freebie from Pink Cat Studio on Teachers pay Teachers.  Click here to go to her store!
 I LoVe clip cards! I am adding clip cards to many of my math units to have ready for math centers.  These new clip cards have just been added to my geometry unit.  All of the words at the bottom of the cards are the same for each.  Click here to go to my geometry unit.
 Because the past few weeks have been so busy, we haven't had time to make anything!  That was remedied this week when we made our shape people.  

I have to include a picture with our girls!  We went to the last Liberty University home game on Saturday.  It was so cold that we only lasted until half time, but we had fun!

Have a great weekend!